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9 hours: a live stream from Detroit 

9 hours: a live stream from Detroit 

Artists: Mary Anderson, Emmy Bright, Felecia Carisle, Jessika Edgar, Jessica Frelinghuysen, Saffell Gardner, Eli Gold, Richard Haley, Arturo Herrera, Cooper Holoweski, Trisha Holt, Margaret Hull, Osman Khan, Chace Morris & Sherina Rodriguez Sharpe, NIKI, Leslie Rogers, Ryan Standfest, and Eleni Zaharopoulos.

Curated by Richard Haley & Jennifer Junkermeier-Khan
Graphic design by Ouliana Ermolova

@ Wayne State University, Detroit (Old Main Building, 4841 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI 48201, 3rd Floor, Rm 3125)


Bert Green Fine Art, Chicago (8 S Michigan Ave #620, Chicago, IL 60603)

Exhibition Dates: September 20, 2019 // 2 – 6pm EST & September 21, 2019 // 1 – 6pm EST

Coinciding with Art Expo Chicago and Chicago Invitational, 9 hours: a live stream from Detroit is a 9 hour/2 day exhibition of happenings taking place at a classroom in the James Pearson Duffy Art Department at Wayne State University in Detroit and projected into Bert Green Fine Art in Chicago. Scheduled events from artists, curators, designers, musicians and writers include performances, discussions, readings and intermediate happenstance.

9 hours: a live stream from Detroit is a time-based exhibition and experimental platform to explore live happenings and how time, site and a camera affect or don’t affect what is presented and how it is experienced. The aim is to include a range of artists working across mediums, disciplines and with various content and intent. 

9 hours: a live stream from Detroit utilizes a live broadcast via the internet. A technology that once was lauded with the ability transcend time zones, culture, and disseminate technology in a global democratic manner; but the specialness of a live broadcast evaporated as the technology became common. It is now as common as a sunrise or car crash.  With its widespread distribution, the utopian spirit it once embodied has disappeared. Live streaming video games is big business. Skype became a bureaucratic tool. Facetime connects you to grandma and lets you see birthday candles being blown out in real time from across the country.

What are we to make of this form of transmission, one with simultaneous histories; one banal and one with the possibility to assert change? The artists and designers participating in the show will wade into this murky entity pushing and pulling it into new directions as well as embracing what it has become and plunging to the depths of what it once was.

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